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And Events :

Company events and regular team building occasions can be effective but they are often boring and pointless activities.  If you want to experience an exciting and fun way to create bonds with your colleagues and learn the art of teamwork, Escape Room game is for you !  Our rooms are filled with puzzles and brain-wrecking riddles offering your team rewarding challanges and lasting memories .

And Families :

Spending a night in a bar with your friends or playing board games with your family can be super fun, but why don't you bring the game to the next level ?  In Escape Games' awesome rooms you will find plenty of fun and joy that will strengthen the bonds that brings you together. We're offering you memories that will last forever .

And Travelers :

After seeing the sights of our beautiful city and sitting in every bar and restaurant that deserves attention you will realize that your journey has just been started !  Mark our place on your map as the next step of your holiday route, because your greatest adventure awaits in our rooms !



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