СНПЧ А7 Набережные Челны, обзоры принтеров и МФУ


What this game is about, who we are, and everything you need to know.


About Us 

Who we are

We are a group of game enthusiasts who love playing and creating games. We also love to share our creations with the world and Escape Room games is the result of our passion. We consider ourselves pioneers in entertainment. We've created a new way of interactive adventure by delivering unique experiences.

Our story

We've always loved stories of mystery, crimes and adventure but we never had the opportunity to experience the events of the books, movies or video games we adore. So we wanted to create games where everything looks and feels real and the players can be the heroes and heroines of fun, thrilling and sometimes hilarious events that gives you a lot more than a classic board game or video game. The base of our concept is originally from China but we took it to the next level so our rooms contain more fun and challenging puzzles.

Our Vision

We created something unique that brings families, coworkers and tourists together. We want to share this new way of innovative gaming with you and to provide you fun memories that last forever. Our puzzles are very tricky and more complex but none of them requires special knowledge or skill so we encourage everyone in every group of age to try our rooms and test their logic! It will be fun! Our mission is to redifine gaming in an innovative and fun way.


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